Run Descriptions

Below you can find a description of most of our regular weekly runs. Check the message board for weekend run plans and any additional runs that crop up during the week!

Run Name When/Where Intensity Description
Monday AM Mondays at 6:45 AM - Corner Casual Casual morning run via Red Hook. We stop every mile or so to regroup. Typically around 4 miles.
Tuesday Track Tuesdays at 6:15 AM - Track (Red Hook) Various The track session at Red Hook Park is open to all runners, of any speed. It is a good run for anyone new to speedwork and for the established runner. The workouts vary each week, but always begins with drills. Distance varies but assume 4 miles of running.
Tuesday Tempo Tuesdays at 7:15 PM - Corner High The group runs a warm up together from Carroll Park to Prospect Park (1.5 miles). Runners who want to meet us at Prospect Park can arrive warmed up at Grand Army Plaza at 7:30pm. Then we break up into groups based on desired pace and run a hard tempo workout inside the park. The Tempo portion generally ranges from 3-6 miles of faster running. Once we’ve wrapped up the workout portion of the run, we all meet at Grand Army Plaza and run a cooldown together as a group back to Carroll Park (1.5 miles).
Wednesday Night Run Wednesdays at 7:00 PM - Corner Medium/Casual A conversational-paced evening run. Exact route will vary week to week but in general the run is around 5 miles.
Coffee Run Fridays at 6:45 AM - Corner Casual Similar to the Monday AM run, however the four mile course for this run varies from week to week. Each week, we end this run at a different local coffee shop where the group grabs coffee together. This run will stop every mile or so for the entire group to regroup.
Intensity Good for Beginners Typical Pace Ranges Description
Casual Yes 8:30-10:30 A casual easy pace where most runners can hold a conversation as they run. These runs also feature frequent stops for regrouping and water.
Medium/Casual Yes 8:00-9:15 A slightly more upbeat run than the totally casual run. At times many of the runners who show up might tend to run on the faster end of the pace range.
Medium No 7:15 - 9:00 Slightly harder running than casual pace. It should still be possible to talk but it will require more effort than it does at slower speeds. There are fewer stops on these runs than on the casual runs and so runners often become more spread out.
High No 5:45-8:00 Fast running normally reserved for speed-work and tempo runs, it should be difficult to speak more than a few words at this speed. It’s worth noting that when we do high intensity runs, runners can occasionally end up running alone either ahead or behind the others in their group. Accordingly, these workouts may not be for you if you are uncomfortable with the potential to run alone for significant portions of the run.

* These pace ranges are typical based on the crowd we get at SBRC runs. They are not in any way a requirement for joining us! We welcome runners of all abilities to all of our runs.

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