The Once Around the Park about 6.75 miles

Go down Union to the park, around and home

The 5 in the Park about 8.5 miles

Once in the park, repeat the bottom 1.7 miles by turning left at Wellhouse Drive (at the finish line of the 5K markings), go across the park, and left again on the main drive

The Triple Triple about 18.8 miles

Three times around three Brooklyn Parks: Prospect, Fort Greene, and Carroll

The Brooklyn Bridge about 5.5 miles

Over to Manhattan and back. Best avoided at rush hours or nice summer days.

Two Bridges about 6.3 miles

Out over the Manhattan, home over the Brooklyn

The Bridge Half about 13.2 miles

A route to go over all the Lower Manhattan bridges.

The Lower Manhattan 9 about 9 miles

Across the Brooklyn Bridge and over to the Hudson, then down around the tip and cutting back on Wall Street to Broadway and the Bridge.

A Visit to a Lesser Park about 19.8 miles

Up the West Side highway to Olmsted’s other park.

A Visit to Columbia about 22 miles

A long way up the Hudson, but with lots of water fountains, and in good weather, a nice breeze

The Molly Mega-Loop about 20 miles

Giant loop of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn featuring culture, stairs, three bridges, three boroughs, 18 parks, and an endless supply of water fountains.

Meeting Places

Carroll Park

The main meet-up spot.

Red Hook Track

For track workouts.

Jehovah’s Fitness

For hill workouts.

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